Headlamp Beam Deflectors & GB Sticker


Easy-fit Headlamp Beam Deflectors and a GB Sticker


Pack(s) of 1 pair of Headlamp Beam Deflectors and one GB Sticker.

Please note - these beam deflectors with GB sticker work out cheaper if bought as part of our European Driving Kit.

These easy-fit beam deflectors are required to be applied to all English cars, vans and lorries before driving in France, Spain and most of Europe.  They help to prevent your dipped-beam headlights from dazzling oncoming motorists when driving on the right-hand side of the road.

When taking a right-hand drive car into France, Spain or many other parts of Europe make sure you fit them with the EU motif at the top.

They are also suitable for left-hand drive cars being used in the UK.  In this case they should be fitted with the GB motif at the top.

GB Sticker is suitable for sticking to the rear of your vehicle.  It is less likely to cause damage when removed, if it is stuck on glass.  Most GB stickers and magnets sold in the UK (like the one included in this set) do not fully comply with the relevant regulations, as they are too small.  This one measures 15cm wide by 10cm tall.  For a fully compliant sticker (which is larger), please see the related products below.


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