Dashcam Recording Sticker


Dashcam Recording Sticker


This Dashcam Recording Sticker is a visual deterrent against being involved in the 'crash for cash' scams that are quite common nowadays.

These scams most often work by the offender overtaking you.  They do this so that they can get a look at the driver (they don't want to pick an off-duty Police Officer on their way into work for example).

Once they have decided that you make a suitable target, they then pull in front of you.  Then, at the next junction or traffic-lights, they will brake hard, so that you then run into the back of their car.  Without evidence to the contrary, you are then often deemed responsible for the collision and damages are claimed for repairs to their vehicle and compensation for the injuries they sustained.

We recommend that you do have a dashcam installed and running, but displaying this sticker can be a faster and cheaper alternative for the less technically-minded.

The sticker measures approximately 15cm wide by 6.5cm tall, so it is clearly visible to approaching vehicles.