Headlamp Beam Deflectors & UK Number Plate Sticker


Easy-fit Eurolite, Headlamp Beam Deflectors and a set of UK Number Plate Stickers.

Latest fitting instructions included. (2022)


Pack(s) of 1 pair of Headlamp Beam Deflectors and one pair (1 front, 1 rear) number plate stickers.

These easy-fit beam deflectors are required to be applied to all English cars, vans and lorries before driving in France, Spain and most of Europe.  They help to prevent your dipped-beam headlights from dazzling oncoming motorists when driving on the right-hand side of the road.

The UK Sticker is suitable for use on your number plates. While driving in France this avoids the need for a full size UK sticker.

The number plate stickers are ideal if you have an older set of number plates with GB or EU on them. Those are now illegal and these can just be stuck over the top to cover them and saves you having to buy a new set of number plates. 


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