Headlamp Beam Deflectors


Easy to fit Headlamp Beam Deflectors for all UK (right-hand drive) vehicles driving in France, Spain and most of Europe

Pairs of Beam Deflectors?

Pack(s) of 1 pair of Headlamp Beam Deflectors.

Please note - these beam deflectors work out cheaper if bought as part of our European Driving Kit.

These easy-fit beam deflectors are required to be applied to all UK cars, vans and lorries before driving in France, Spain and most of Europe.  They help to prevent your dipped-beam headlights from dazzling oncoming motorists when driving on the right-hand side of the road.

When taking a right-hand drive car into France, Spain or many other parts of Europe make sure you fit them with the EU motif at the top.

They are also suitable for left-hand drive cars being used in the UK.  In this case they should be fitted with the GB motif at the top.

Instructions for fitting them to most cars are provided, but there is a way to fit them without any guide.  Put your dipped beam headlights on at dusk and park in front of a wall or garage door.  You will see that some of the headlight beam shines on the far left.  These beam deflectors try to diffuse that beam that otherwise would have shone into oncoming vehicles, so you need to position the deflectors where they affect that part of the beam.  Make sure the letters EU are at the top of the deflectors for UK right-hand drive vehicles (GB at the top for left-hand drive vehicles).

Some modern cars have a pimple in the headlight glass, which shows the centre point of the beam.  This can be useful in positioning these beam deflectors, as that is likely to be the leftmost point of the deflector (when you look at the headlamp).


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