Headlamp Beam Deflectors


Easy to fit Headlamp Beam Deflectors for all English (right-hand drive) vehicles driving in France, Spain and most of Europe

Number of Beam Deflectors?

Pack(s) of 1 pair of Headlamp Beam Deflectors.

These easy-fit beam deflectors are required to be applied to all English cars, vans and lorries before driving in France, Spain and most of Europe.  They help to prevent your dipped-beam headlights from dazzling oncoming motorists when driving on the right-hand side of the road.

When taking a right-hand drive car into France, Spain or many other parts of Europe make sure you fit them with the EU motif at the top.

They are also suitable for left-hand drive cars being used in the UK.  In this case they should be fitted with the GB motif at the top.


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