Magnetic UK Plate (Small)


Magnetic UK Plate. This plate is actually smaller than the official stated regulation size but is preferred by a lot of motorists. 


This Magnetic UK plate is re-usable, time and time again.*

It is made to look like a sticker, to reduce the chance of being stolen - and has been tested by the manufacturers up to 130mph.

Most UK stickers and magnets sold in the UK (like this one) do not fully comply with the relevant regulations, as they are too small. However, most people prefer to display something smaller and still appear to have made the effort to comply.  This plate measures 13cm wide by 6.25cm tall. 

For a fully compliant sticker or magnet, please see the related products below.

*These plates are designed to adhere to ferrous metal surfaces, which are those that contain iron or iron alloys. They are not suitable for non-metallic bodies: If the vehicle has a body made entirely or partially of non-metallic materials like fiberglass, carbon fibre, plastic, or aluminium, magnetic plates will not stick to them.


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