Magnetic UK Plate
  • Magnetic UK Plate

Magnetic UK Plate


Magnetic UK Plate


One Regulation Magnetic UK Plate.

This magnetic UK plate is for use when taking a UK-registered vehicle abroad.  The plate is suitable for use on any flat metallic surface on the rear of your vehicle.*

Complies with the Convention on Road Traffic 1968.  It measures approximately 18cm wide by 13.3cm tall.

If you want a sticker instead please see the related products below.

*These plates are designed to adhere to ferrous metal surfaces, which are those that contain iron or iron alloys. 

They are not suitable for non-metallic bodies: If the vehicle has a body made entirely or partially of non-metallic materials like fiberglass, carbon fibre, plastic, or aluminium, magnetic plates will not stick to them.

Magnetic plates require a flat, even surface to adhere properly. If the vehicle's body has significant curves, contours, or bodywork irregularities, the plates may not attach securely.

Magnetic plates may struggle to stick to surfaces that are rough or corroded. It's essential to ensure the vehicle's body is clean and free from rust or debris before attempting to attach magnetic plates.

Some older vehicles may have temporary or makeshift bodywork repairs that are not suitable for attaching magnetic plates.

Before purchasing magnetic plates for your vehicle, it's a good idea to check your car's body material and surface condition to ensure that magnetic plates will work effectively. 


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