Motorcycle Travel Kit for Riding in France


Our Motorcycle Travel Kit only includes Helmet Stickers and a Hi-Viz Vest.

There are optional extras below which you can add to your order if required. 

First Aid Kit?
Pairs of Beam Deflectors?
Breathalyser Twin Pack
UK Sticker (self-adhesive)

Our Motorcycle Travel Kit includes options for most of the equipment that you need when riding your motorcycle in France and other European countries.

Standard contents:

  • Reflective helmet stickers
  • 1 high visibility vest


  • 2 x Small UK Number Plate stickers (self-adhesive)
  • First aid kit
  • 2 Breathalysers
  • Headlamp beam converters

The UK stickers are approximately 24mm wide by 54mm tall.  These are specifically designed for a motorcycles rear number plate. (You only need one but we send out 2, so you have a spare)


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